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ok i ahv decided to join this community and make many pointless posts...

anyways its a sucky monday , they always suck dont they.
hehe, i am sooo funny... well im not i know im not but its nice to think ur the things u want to be right...
ethel rang laura or something this morning she was all excited.
the movie ngiht was some nights ago and was very fun... loved it... good movies good compony or how ever u spell it

that reminds me holidays very very soon, we should go camping guys!! or something movie night, or maybe a little party/shingding or something yay...


and then u guys can jam out the back of place and we can hav a bbq and hav lots of fun and... yea....

*continues to daydream*

anyways hockey grand final dinner was good, had some fun talked to jordyn and emma a bit.

and then some other day the morning after the movie night, rhy got a bit sick poor him he is alright now i think and then me and emma watched the rest of a move, rhys ahd gone home and then we went down the street and then we went to may park and played ont he swings then we went back to my place and listened to magic dirt she loved it, and played air guitar and drum... all in all very fun then she had to catch the bus home... a fun weekend all in all...

then thats about it... really...

bi bi alll take care and ahv fun
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