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everyone get here and check out our new check out where I got it from see the community's info page. a big thanks to the girl who made it for us.

So I hope everyone's holidays are going as splendidly as mine are. So far I've done the usual...nothing. Well, that's a lie. I've rediscovered my hate for scales and arpeggios, thanks to a fifty minute practise this afternoon on the piano. GRR. Also when playing my stupid oboe I realised how much I hate the bloody thing. Seriously, breaking in new reeds absolutely sucks! They're so honky and dry and hurt your lips. GRR.

I've nearly finished knitting my scarf...erm...I've nearly finished enough theory to be up to date with my book...I keep meaning to start reading Huckleberry Finn...but I think it's going to have to wait a little while longer...I really do not want to strain my brain too early these holidays. Better to leave it later...hahah.

Last night after we came home from Moe's Emma and I made bread! It tasted soo yummy as well! I was very proud of our efforts. Today I ate a lot of bread and carbs in general...not that I particularly care but the point is I noticed that I ate a lot of bread, which contain carbs. Blah. It doesn't mean anything.

You know, Mum changed the computer screen to some weirdo smaller one but I reckon it's just as fuzzy, if not more. Hopefully I'll see a lot more of you, and more, these holidays. We've got two school-free weeks...surely we should be DOING something with them, right?

lots of love!!!

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